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On Site Training Services

On Site Training Services

CSA offers a variety of different of training services from personal to small groups to workshops. Each training session is individually customized to the athlete.

Team Training

Team Training

Champion Sports Advantage will create team specific workouts based on targeted areas identified by the coaches. Team training is offered on site at All Seasons Ice Rinks as well as off-site. For those interesting in booking, contact Garrett.

Champion Sports Advantage, LLC

Champion Sports Advantage is a company that prides itself on creating an atmosphere that fosters continual growth, not only in training and in sport, but as a person. It is this foundation that creates an athlete that may supersede what many ever thought they could attain through proper dedication to exercise form and methodical programming of one’s training through the athlete's intent to strive to continue to better themselves.

CSA is owned and operated by its Director of Athlete Development, Garrett J. Krug, MS. He is a past competitive figure skater, who in 1996 upon finishing his competitive career went to Carthage College. Garrett then received his Masters from Benedictine University in Fitness Management with an emphasis in Exercise Physiology in 2002 all while working with athletes both on the ice and in the gym. In 2006, Garrett started Champion Sports Advantage and the rest is now history.

While the training facilities have changed over the years, his dedication to continued excellence in advancing his knowledge base to offer his clients the best, most up to date product continues to evolve. When not in the gym training athletes, you can find him in the gym himself continuing to improve to keep up with his younger athletes to be able to demonstrate all the exercises they may have to do…no he won’t accept that he is getting older! When not in the gym, you can find him spending time with family and family or on the frisbee golf course.

Since 1993